CP30 316L

CP30-100 pl 316L

CP30 316L

CP30-100 pl 316L
Dodací lhůta na vyžádání
  • Small footprint minimize installation, operating and maintenance costs
  • Laser welding ensures robust contruction and improves process reliability
  • Superior thermal performance gives maximized heat recovery with minimized heating or cooling media. This reduces fuel consumption, energy costs and environmental impact
  • Openable unit that allows easy and full access to heat exchange area for inspection, cleaning and repair if needed


The Alfa Laval Compabloc is a fully welded compact heat exchanger designed for the complete range of process and utility duties. The Compabloc range provides the most efficient, cost-effective, compact and cleanable heat exchanger solution available today. After 20 years on the market, the Compabloc has shown itself to be the market leader in terms of life-cycle costs and energy savings.

Technické detaily

LP Steam
Tlak páry (bar)
5 bar
Průtok páry
5000 kg/h
Výstupní teplota vody
125 °C
Průtok vody
40000 kg/h
3200 kW
827 mm
700 mm
820 mm
800 kg