Major kit main bearings


Major kit main bearings

  • Everything you need to complete a major service for main bearings in one box
  • Simple maintenance in less time with the same high-quality performance and quality
  • A complete set of parts to perform any major service described in the manual
  • Reduced order handling time with only one order number for the entire kit


Alfa Laval major service kits are designed to help you conduct planned preventive major maintenance in as little time as possible. The major kit main bearing includes main bearings, seals and gaskets for the main bearings, and a kit drawing. This is our most comprehensive kit for main bearing service, with everything you need to maximize product lifetime and make sure it is using the latest technology. Every part is specifically designed to match your equipment and operating conditions to make your service as easy as possible. And, with everything sent in one shipment, you can rest easy that you have everything you need in one place. If you are looking for a full major service kit, remember to add our Major kit for conveyor bearings for the complete package.

Technical details

Service kit type
Major kit
Bowl diameter
Seal gasket material
Kit description (specification)
Including: Intermediate kit with O-rings, Bearings, Kit drawing