Alfie 200


Alfie 200

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  • Consistent high performance solid and tramp oil removal​
  • Optimizes the lifetime of your coolants and tools​
  • Reduces your ecological footprint​
  • No consumables like filter cartridges​
  • Hassle free installation and operation (Plug and Play)​


Alfie 200 is specially designed to remove contaminants from metalworking coolants and wash fluids. Alfie 200 is a small, compact unit, mounted on a frame and equipped with a plate allowing for a bolt-on connection to the fluid tank. Below the separator is a bellows that automatically adapts the inlet to the level of fluid in the tank. Alfie 200 is extremely easy to use. Anyone can learn how to operate and maintain Alfie in a few minutes. The Alfie 200 is extremely compact. The total weight, including the stand, is just 14 kilos. The most essential components, traditionally manufactured in stainless steel have been replaced by a recently developed tough, durable plastic. Plus, it is fast and easy to clean the separator - the casing is lifted off manually in a few easy movements and any sediment collected inside the bowl is brushed off.

Technical details

Product Feature
Fixed installation
Max. flow rate (l/h)
Min. temperature (°C)
Max. temperature (°C)
pH value
Voltage (V)
230 V
Frequency (Hz)
Amperage (A)
3600 RPM
Motor power
0.25-0.3 kw
Installation mode
Fixed Installation
Height (mm)
520 mm
Weight (kg)
Scope of supply (standard version)
Alfie 200 is delivered complete with stand, hoses, tools and instruction book