Alfie 500 - Floating Suction


Alfie 500 - Floating Suction

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  • Consistent high performance solid and tramp oil removal​
  • Optimizes the lifetime of your coolants and tools​
  • Reduces your ecological footprint​
  • No consumables like filter cartridges​
  • Hassle free installation and operation (Plug and Play)​
  • Includes a floating suction device, ideal for deeper tanks​


The Alfa Laval Alfie 500 module efficiently removes contaminating oil, grease and particulates from metal cutting coolants and wash fluids. The separator module reduces fluid consumption, lowers disposal costs and improves both product quality and the work environment. Alfie 500 is a complete compact system, including the separator, feed pump and control system. The control panel makes the PLC based control system easy to operate, while the symbols and messages in clear text are easy to understand. The Alfie 500 has a high capacity-to-size ratio, handling tanks up to volumes of 15 m3. The module is typically installed in a bypass mode and operates continuously. Quick couplings make it easy to connect the hoses when the cleaning unit is moved from tank to tank. With its compact and ergonomic design, Alfie 500 is easy to move across the workshop floor and can be used to serve one or several tanks. This unit includes a floating suction device, a set of tools, test report, certificate of origin and test manual. The floating suction device is recommended for deeper tanks with a liquid depth of 100 mm or more.

Technical details

Product Feature
Mobile with Floatings suction device
Max. flow rate (l/h)
Min. temperature (°C)
Max. temperature (°C)
pH value
Voltage (V)
230 V
Frequency (Hz)
Amperage (A)
7500 RPM
Motor power
0.5 kw
Installation mode
Mobile Installation
Height (mm)
1140 mm
Width (mm)
510 mm
Length (mm)
620 mm
Weight (kg)
60 kg
Scope of supply (standard version)
Alfie 500 is delivered complete with stand, collection tank for tramp oil, surface suction device, hoses, service tool kit and instruction book