Upgrade to a new heat exchanger today

Discover a new exchange programme from Alfa Laval and Stena Recycling – and get a refund while saving energy and resources.

Calculate your savings potential

See how much you can save by upgrading to highly efficient, advanced plate heat exchanger technology from Alfa Laval.

Enter information about your current equipment and get your estimated refund. Your savings are ready for you when you decide to upgrade and recycle!

5 simple steps to more sustainable operation

Tell us about your current heat exchanger

Based on the brand and model, we will calculate your refund (a majority of brands accepted).

Upgrade to a new heat exchanger

Find the new model that best fits your needs.

Make your purchase

Receive your sustainability report, and your refund, immediately.

Return your old unit for recycling

To book a free return, follow the instructions enclosed with your new heat exchanger.

Stena Recycling recycles your old heat exchanger

The material from your old heat exchanger is used to produce new, more efficient Alfa Laval heat exchanger technologies.

A pioneering partnership from two sustainability leaders

Alfa Laval and Stena Recycling have teamed up to create a smart, sustainable and easy-to-use solution for improving circularity in our industry. This new exchange programme will make it possible to recover as much as 100% of the valuable metals found in old heat exchangers. By replacing them with more modern designs, we can also enable efficiency improvements for energy savings as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

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