Upgrade to a new heat exchanger for immediate savings

Enter information about your current heat exchanger technologies below to receive a custom recommendation for an upgrade to a modern, more efficient model for your processes. All the information you need can be found on the name plate of your current equipment.

Enter your info and see your upgrade

Simply fill in a few details to get a recommendation for a new heat exchanger along with a summary of how much you will save.

Can’t find your heat exchanger in this form? Send us your information here, and we will get back to you with a custom upgrade recommendation. Depending on your process, we may need to ask you for additional information to find your optimal solution.

How do I find the right information?

All information needed for your recommendation can be found on the small name plate located on your existing heat exchanger. The name plate contains details such as the type of heat exchanger, serial number, manufacturer, model and manufacture year.

You will receive information on how to pack and send your old equipment to Stena Recycling once your order is complete.

Savings for you. And for the planet.

When we recommend your upgrade, you will also receive a summary of how much energy you will save every year, along with what that means in terms of your annual reduction in CO₂ emissions. You can use this valuable information in your sustainability reporting once your new equipment has been installed.

The easy way to reduce your energy costs

The refund is just the start of your savings. By upgrading to Alfa Laval's innovative heat exchanger technology, you can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your processes. That means drastically lower power consumption, along with a significant reduction in both carbon emissions and long-term operating costs.

Please note that it is currently only possible to find replacement units for Brazed Heat Exchangers. More equipment will be available soon.