Alfa Laval Base 6

M6-MBase 236PL 4 SEC

Alfa Laval Base 6

M6-MBase 236PL 4 SEC
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  • High energy efficiency – low operating cost
  • Flexible configuration – heat transfer area can be modified
  • Easy to install – compact design
  • High serviceability – easy to open for inspection and cleaning and easy to clean by CIP
  • Access to Alfa Laval’s global service network


Alfa Laval BaseLine is a range of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications requiring thermally efficient performance. A large range of plate and gasket types is available.

Technical details

Heat recovery
Flow rate primary side (kg/h)
5000 kg/h
Temp primary side (°C)
4 → 74 → 4 °C
Pressure drop primarySide (kPa)
324 kPa
Cooling media
Ice water
Flow rate cooling (kg/h)
8510 kg/h
TempCooling (°C)
2 °C
Pressure drop cooling (kPa)
55 kPa
Heating media
Hot water
Flow rate heating (kg/h)
6216 kg/h
TempHeating (°C)
75 °C
Pressure drop heating (kPa)
40 kPa
Min. CIP flow rate (kg/h)
4050 kg/h
Pressure dropCIP (kPa)
204 kPa