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Payment Policy

Alfa Laval accept payment via credit card online. Read about the variety of payment options you can choose from when you purchase from Alfa Laval web shop.

Payment methods

Alfa Laval accepts payment via credit card online. Alfa Laval web shop accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Note: You must be a company or business to be able to do a purchase with Alfa Laval on-line.

Troubleshooting credit card payment errors

  • If your card is new or recently reissued, make sure it has been activated.
  • Remove dashes or spaces from the account number.
  • If everything seems to be correct, call the card issuer's customer service on the back of your card. Your credit card company may need to speak with you before they authorize your purchase.

Security codes

The card security code is a unique three or four digit number printed on the front (American Express) or back (Discover/MasterCard/Visa) of your card, in addition to the account number.

American Express:


Payment transaction

Alfa Laval collaborates with Adyen as an external Payment Service provider to guarantee a secured payment process. All transactions are encrypted to secure a safe payment with us.


25% VAT will be added to items sold on Alfa Laval web page and shipped to locations in Sweden.

All prices quoted by us are inclusive of carriage and packing costs and exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated

Legal entity

Alfa Laval Nordic AB
Hans Stahles väg 7
147 80 Tumba
Registration number: 556243 - 2061