Shear-Mixer SM6202


Shear-Mixer SM6202

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  • Lobestar Mixing Nozzle creates high vacuum and dynamic shear
  • Open mixing chamber significantly reduces clogging
  • Radial Premixer creates a liquid buffer inhibiting air entrainment
  • Vortex action washes down and pre-mixes additives
  • Robust design, with no moving parts,and easy to replace inserts
  • Handles hard to mix additives such as clays or polymers
  • Dual suction ports allows connections to two additive feed lines


Mixing of liquid and powder, or slurry mixing, is a necessary process for many applications. Effective slurry mixing significantly impacts operational safety, speed, and overall cost. However, the perceived simplicity of the process often leads to poor, unsafe slurry mixing practices and the use of outdated or improper equipment.

 Venturi eductors, or slurry eductors as they are commonly referred to, are relatively simple devices that are installed directly into motive liquid flow lines. They have no moving parts or motors, and passively convert motive flow pressure into vacuum, inducing powdered or liquid additives directly into the motive fluid stream. They have been employed in numerous applications over the years as an extremely cost effective means of mixing slurries. The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer is an advanced style of venturi eductor that is resistant to plugging, has an extremely high volume loading capacity, and promotes complete powder dispersion through dynamic shearing. This makes the Vortex shear-mixer stand out in applications where continuous powder flow, batch recirculation, and slurry homogeneity are critical.

Datos Técnicos

Pipe diameter (in)
Flow Rate Range (gpm)
Min. flow rate (gpm)
Caudal máximo (gpm)
Optimal head difference range
115 - 185
Min. head difference (ft)
Max. head difference (ft)
Temperatura minima (F)
Temperatura maxima (F)
Inlet and discharge connection (in)
6" Grooved Pipe
Suction connection
6" Grooved Pipe
Insert material
Material del cuerpo
304 Stainless Steel
Caracterisiticas del Producto
Dual Suction, Includes Radial Premixer, Table Hopper, Suction Valve, Gauges, Right Configuration
Mixing type
In Line Slurry Mixing
Weight (lbs)