Service Kit - Intermediate, Nitrile/Clarifier


Service Kit - Intermediate, Nitrile/Clarifier

Lead time on request
  • All parts included to do a designated service, in a single box
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Save time and secure the highest quality and performance of equipment
  • Complete and accurate set of parts to do the full service as described in the manual
  • Reduce order handling time – only one order number is required for the entire kit


Service kit for every 2000 to 4000 hours or 3-6 month depending on process conditions. Alfa Laval kits are designed to help you conduct planned service in as little time as possible. They include what is required for every specific service as described in the manual and the most up-to-date genuine spare parts, to extend your equipment's lifetime and ensure it is running on the latest technology. All parts are specifically designed to match your equipment and operating conditions – the perfect fit and compatibility for your equipment. Service Kits are sent in one shipment. You can be assured of the right parts in the right packaging with the right fit and the right instructions. For detailed service instructions please refer to your separator manual.

Datos Técnicos

Product line
Related Product Model
Alfa Pure S3
Modelo de Separadora
WSPX 604
Service kit
Service kit type
Gasket material
Service interval
2000 hours
Specification/Product Number
8812530303, 8812530302, 8812530301
Peso (kg)