Spare Part - Paring Disc


Spare Part - Paring Disc

  • Genuine parts fulfils the general conditions and demands
  • Quality assured
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Meet the performance as specified in manual


The paring disc is vital for the performance of the separator. If there is signs of wear it should be replaced. When you use Alfa Laval genuine spare parts, you can be sure of the right part at the right time. Alfa Laval genuine spare parts keep your equipment running at peak performance throughout its lifetime. Our high-quality, durable parts put productivity first and extend your equipment's lifecycle, lowering your ownership costs.

Szczegóły techniczne

Moduł oczyszczania płynów
Emmie 2, Alfie 500
Model separatora
IFB 403, MIB 303
Zalecany okres międzyobsługowy
As needed
Liczba elementów w zestawie
Waga (kg)
Powiązany typ
Spare part