Emmie 2 - Heater


Emmie 2 - Heater

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  • Ideal for hydraulic, lubricating, compressor, gear or diesel oils​
  • Consistent high performance water and solid removal​
  • Improves the reliability and availability of your equipment​
  • Reduces your ecological footprint​
  • No consumables like filter cartridges​
  • Includes an internal heater for optimal separation temperature


The Emmie 2 Module Brass version (lube oil) with the internal heater, 230V 50/60 Hz, uses high-speed centrifugal separation to provide increased reliability of oil systems and extend the service life of oil. Alfa Laval’s disc-stack separators provide fast, efficient, simultaneous three-phase separation of water and particulates from the oil. Emmie 2 removes contaminations from many different types of oils whether hydraulic or lubricating oil, compressor or gear oil, or diesel oil. The result is lower operational cost due to prolonged service life of the oil and less need for disposal of used filters and oil. Emmie 2 removes more than 99 percent of all solid particles between 2 and 5 μm from the oil, and virtually all the water but none of the additives. It effectively separates airborne dust and undesirable particles from the oil that wear on paint, metal, plastic or rubber components. It also removes water that causes additives to oxidize and decompose. Emmie 2 is a complete compact unit, including the separator, feed pump and control system. The unit is typically installed in a bypass mode and operates continuously. Operator convenience is a key parameter in the design of the Emmie 2. The PLC-based control system is operated by means of a control panel, while the symbols and messages in clear text are easy to understand. Quick couplings make it easy to connect the hoses when the cleaning unit is moved from tank to tank. With its compact and ergonomic design, Emmie 2 is easy to move across the workshop floor and can therefore be used to serve one or several tanks. The separation efficiency depends on the temperature. No built in heater is needed if the oil is delivered hot to the unit. The Emmie 2 delivery includes a set of tools, service kit, a test report, a certificate of origin, and a service manual.

Технически данни

Product Feature
Including Heater
Макс. дебит (gpm)
Max. flow rate (l/h)
Sludge space (L)
Min. temperature (°C)
Max. temperature (°C)
Oil viscosity at 40 C° (cSt)
3 - 68 (cSt)*
pH value
Voltage (V)
230 V
Frequency (Hz)
Amperage (A)
7500 RPM
Motor power
0.4 kw
Installation mode
Mobile Installation
Височина (mm)
1130 mm
Ширина (mm)
680 mm
Length (mm)
630 mm
Weight (kg)
100 kg
Scope of supply (standard version)
Emmie 2 is delivered complete with stand, collection tank for separated water, dive tubes, hoses, service tool kit and instruction book.