Aldrum G3 Mega Duo


Aldrum G3 Mega Duo

  • Long lasting filter cloth
  • Intermittent flushing saves water
  • Gentle treatment of flocculated feed saves polymer and gives high recovery
  • Safe design with bolted, hinged cover
  • Clean, enclosed, odour-free solution


Alfa Laval ALDRUM Drum Thickeners are ideal for mechanical thickening of sludge prior to digestion or dewatering, and for reducing sludge volume prior to storage or transportation. The ALDRUM Drum Thickener comes in two sizes, Mini and Midi, for capacities from 4- 22 m3/h (18-97 GPM on the basis of 1% dry solids waste activated sludge). They are available as separate components or as complete sludge thickening modules.

Technical details

Sludge type
Biology (<1%) DS %
Main motor
Filtered Wash Water, typical (m3/h)
Max. Hydraulic Flow (m³/h)
120 m³/h
Max. Mass Thoughput (kgDS/h)
1200 kgDS/h
Min. Wash Water Pressure (bar)
Weight (kg)
2560 kg
Width (mm)
2679 mm
Length (mm)
6086 mm
Height (mm)
1744 mm