Pharma-line S 1-0.1


Pharma-line S 1-0.1

Lead time on request
  • Designed with focus on hygienic demands
  • Leak detection by double tube sheet design
  • Q-doc as standard


The Pharma-line is a high quality tubular heat exchanger designed to operate in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. There are different executions available for different duties and demands. All Pharma-line products are designed in-line with regulations within this industry. It is suitable for heating and cooling of products intended for the pharmaceutical industry, mainly water For Injection (WFI) and Purified Water (PW) and some non-viscous pharmaceutical products.

Technical details

Flow rate tube side (kg/h)
300 kg/h
Temp. in tube side (°C)
85 °C
Temp. out tube side (°C)
55 °C
Flow rate shell side (kg/h)
900 kg/h
Cooling media
Temp. in shell side (°C)
6 °C
Temp. out shell side (°C)
16 °C
Surface roughness
0,4µm EP (Electro polished)
Design pressure (bar)
10 bar
Design temperature (°C)
150 °C
Tube velocity (m/s)
1 m/s