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T6-BFG-73M-316-0.4-NBRB-ISO G PED


T6-BFG-73M-316-0.4-NBRB-ISO G PED
  • High energy efficiency – low operating cost
  • Flexible configuration – heat transfer area can be modified
  • Easy to install – compact design
  • High serviceability – easy to open for inspection and cleaning and easy to clean by CIP
  • Access to Alfa Laval’s global service network


Alfa Laval Industrial line is a wide product range that is used in virtually all types of industry. Suitable for a wide range applications, this model is available with a large selection of plate and gasket types.

Datos Técnicos

Fuente de calor
800 kW
Temperatura lado primario
80 → 60 °C
Temperatura lado secundario
50 → 70 °C
Máxima perdida de carga
50 kPa
Caudal lado primario
34.465 GPM
Caudal lado secundario
34.495 GPM
Connection primary side
ISO-G External Thread DN50
Connection secondary side
ISO-G External Thread DN50