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Alfa Laval Front 10

Front10-RH 528PL 4SEC

Alfa Laval Front 10

Front10-RH 528PL 4SEC
  • Superior hygienic safety – plates designed for food applications
  • Gentle treatment of sensitive products
  • Uncompromising cleanliness
  • Flexible configuration – possible to rebuild the heat exchanger


Alfa Laval FrontLine is the premium range of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications requiring gentle product treatment, long operating times or superior cleanability. A large range of plate and gasket types is available. The Clip plate has a chevron type of plate pattern designed for hygienic conditions. The entry points, the distribution area and the shape and pressing depth of the plate pattern give optimal performance. WideStream plates with special plate pattern and a limited number of contact points are available for viscous products and products containing pulp and fibres. In addition to normal single plate configuration, this model is also available with Gemini double wall plates. Gemini plates are fully cleanable and accessible and are used as an extra precaution to avoid intermixing of fluids.

Technical details

Heat recovery
Flow rate primary side
40000 kg/h
Temp primary side
4 → 74 → 4 °C
Pressure drop primarySide
352 kPa
Cooling media
Ice water
Flow rate cooling
70980 kg/h
2 °C
Pressure drop cooling
41 kPa
Heating media
Hot water
Flow rate heating
36660 kg/h
75 °C
Pressure drop heating
25 kPa
Min. CIP flow rate
45600 kg/h
Pressure dropCIP
450 kPa