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MAB 104/with motor starter


MAB 104/with motor starter

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  • Solids-retaining centrifuge for clarifying or purifying of mineral oils and fuels
  • Consistent high performance water and solid removal​
  • Improves the reliability and availability of your equipment​
  • Reduces your ecological footprint​
  • No consumables like filter cartridges​
  • With starter and liquid seal monitor (MAWA 10)


The MAB 104 is a solids-retaining centrifuge for clarifying or purifying of mineral oils. It’s used for separating fuel and lubricating oils, hydraulic, running in and metal working oils. It has a solids-retaining separator comprising of a frame containing in its lower part a horizontal drive shaft with friction clutch and brake, worm gear and vertical bowl spindle. The worm gear is placed in an oil bath. The bowl is fixed on top of the spindle inside the space formed by the upper part of the frame and the frame hood. The frame hood is hinged to facilitate easy access for cleaning the bowl, which is of solid wall disc type. The separator is equipped with a built-in feed and discharge pump. The system may require other ancillary equipment. The robust design has the benefits of easy installation, operation and maintenance. The flexible bowl may be used either as purifier or clarifier. The MAB 104B-24 has a capacity of 8.8 gpm and includes a set of tools, an Intermediate Service kit, a test report, a certificate of origin and a service manual. The unit comes with 12 months warranty from start-up or eighteen (18) months from delivery, whichever occurs first. This particular option of the MAB 104 unit includes a Motor Starter and Water Seal Alarm (MAWA 10). The Motor Starter is for starting and stopping the centrifuge. The unit is complete with run light, overload protection, start/stop pushbuttons, ammeter in cover, and transformer all in a NEMA 4 steel box. The MAWA 10 Water Seal Alarm prevents unintended water from entering the clean oil discharge. The complete system consists of control box, pneumatic change over valve, regulating valve, pressure gauge, an air throttling valve and a pressure switch allowing for automatic shut down of the flow through the separator in case of a pressure drop in the light phase discharge.

Technical details

Product Feature
With starter and liquid seal monitor
Max. flow rate (gpm)
Sludge space (gal)
Min. temperature (F)
Max. temperature (F)
Voltage (V)
460 V
Frequency (Hz)
Installation mode
Fixed Installation
Height (in)
Width (in)
Length (in)
Weight (lbs)